Are you not hitting your intended target? Take a look at the point where you tend to shoot.

If you are shooting a bit to the right, lower than where you intended to shoot, you need to adjust your scope. That is so that when you aim at the same spot, your shot shall go a bit higher and to the right. If the scope can not get adjusted with the help of elevation tweakers or a windage, you might just have to aim higher and more to the right if you were hitting low and to the left. If you are looking for good rifle scope reviews please visit

Adjust for distance and the wind

The drop of the bullet and wind movement may affect the shot a whole lot easier than you can envision. Although a bullet does not fall very fast, over a rather long distance, it may seem as though you need to aim a few feet or yards above your intended target. Refrain from overcompensating lest you miss and do not shoot what or where you hit before.


If you practice your shooting continually, you shall get better with time. You could also find some things that motivate you or boost your prowess when shooting.

Use a mil dot scope

image004This rifle scope is very useful when you are adjusting for elevation to make up for the distance. It is also of great use when adjusting for the wind. That is done when you know the speed at which the wind is going. However, if you do not know how to calculate the distance with the help of a mil dot scope, you could a read about it so that you can do it accurately.

Nonetheless, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid if you are to improve your shooting even with the help of scopes. The mistakes you need to look out for include:

Inconsistent trigger pulling

You must learn the best way to press the trigger when you are hitting a target. For accuracy, you should pull the trigger to the rear with no hesitation. You need to practice this if you are to learn how to do it right. There must be little or no external interference when pulling the trigger.

Unstable rest

Having an unstable rest when shooting compromises your chances of shooting accurately. That is because you are not holding the rifle steadily. For accuracy, ensure that your resting position is on a stable surface where no movements are made when shooting. An unstable rest causes changes when shooting hence inaccuracy.

A lot of heat on your rifle’s barrel

In as much as you want to shoot, you should be patient enough to wait for the rifle’s barrel to cool down. That is because when the barrel is scalding, you can not shoot accurately. For a low barrel temperature, you could shoot from a shade. However, if that is impossible, you may cool it off using a portable fun.

Shooting in adverse conditions

When the weather is not good, it is not possible to be accurate. For accurate shooting, you may want to consider making use of early mornings on calm days. That is because, at that time, the temperatures are low, and there is no mirage.

I hope that advice helps you to better and enjoy shooting.