While there are several trail camera mounts on the market, you can make one. That is because mounts found in stores are very costly. The supplies you need to make a mount are few, and you can get them from the local hardware store. These items shall not leave your pocket less bulky that it was before you walked into the shop.

Here is what you need to mount the trail camera for your hunting expedition.

You need some bolts, nuts, and screws:

  • ¼” wing nut

  • 3/8” flat washers

  • 3/8” hex bolt

  • ¼” * 2 ½” eye bolts

  • ¼” * 2 1/16” eye screw

Now that you have these supplies, it is time to join them:

  • Connect a 3/8” hex bolt with a 3/8” flat washer

  • Connect a ¼” * 2 1/16” eye screw to a 3/8” hex bolt

  • Connect a ¼” * 2 ½” eye bolt to the 3/8” hex bolt

  • Connect a 3/8” hex bolt with a 3/8” flat washer

  • Connect a 3/8” hex bolt with a 3/8” hex nut

  • Connect a ¼” * 2 ½” eye bolt to a ¼” wing nut

trail cam mountUse the 9/16” box wrench to add the 3/8” hex nut to the 3/8” hex bolt. Remember not to tighten the mount so much lest you hamper its ability to form a joint as well as carry the weight of the camera.

You also need to paint this mount with a color that helps it to sync with the tree bark. When the camera mount looks like the trees around, it is easy to change the camera positions freely without worrying about it getting spotted. You could better the camouflage by adding a cam brush to the mount.

The length of the eye screw is your choice. However, if the mount is at the back, a shorter eye screw is preferable. A longer one is better suited for cameras that have got their stand at the bottom. It is crucial for you to get the right eye screw length because it makes mount installation easy, more so on very hard trees such as an oak.

You could replace that eye screw for an eyebolt and then add a four ft garden stake. Use the eyebolt on a stake that does not need screwing. This modification shall not cost you more than $3. You can now paint it an excellent camouflage color. The beauty of using a stake is that it works correctly, and you can have two mounts to capture the action using two trail cameras.

Bushnell-Trophy wirelessWhen setting up hunting surveillance equipment you need to choose the best a trail cameras available so that you ensure the quality of your network, so make sure that you take a look at the reviews to make sure that it serves all your needs. My pick is the Bushnell 8MP wireless camera because its image quality is fantastic. Besides that, its features such as a built-in 2” color LCD display with audio playback and video allows for you to look at the pictures and videos from the camera very quickly.

Before you choose a hunting trail, you need to ensure that it has almost no human activity.

Enjoy your hunting.