Garlands - Crossbows3B_0While it is very easy to shoot at your target accurately with a crossbow, it is even more amazing to shoot at 30 yards and then advance to 50 yards and so on. Here are some tips on how to improve your shooting when using a crossbow.

Check your crossbow’s bolt

Lance Woody, an operator of a pro crossbow rental shop say that shooters often complain about their crossbows being inaccurate. He says that the first that he checks are the bolts.

Shooting enthusiasts may have 2 – 3 bolt types with varying weights and fletched with varying fletchings. Other times, there are different broadheads or field points on each bolt tip.

Lance says that for one to achieve accuracy, the crossbow should have similar bolts.

Jim Carter is an enthusiastic shooter, and he agrees with what Woody says. He says that he has learned that not all bolts are the same.

woman-shooting-crossbowMr. Carter says that he shoots each bolt in a box at long range distances. However, while some hold a tight group, others do not.

Every shooter must know that every box containing new bolts has got some that can not hold at 50 yards or more. It is advisable not to try hunting with such bolts.

Therefore, if your crossbow bolts are not very tight, check them carefully to ensure that they are all the same.

Lance goes on to add that some crossbow shooters use Aerovanes by Firenock to fletch their bolts. That is because they fly excellently at high speed. Besides that, Firenock has got a new amazing fletching jig that fletches vanes to any arrow or bolt accurately to give it better accuracy.

Therefore irrespective of the jig you are using, ensure that your bolts get fletched. You also need to weigh the bolts so that you fine tune them and ensure that they are consistent to shoot accurately.

Crossbow fit

crossbowAccuracy and crossbow fit go hand in hand. Therefore when buying a crossbow, you need to remember that the idea of one size that fits all is not applicable.

A crossbow is like a rifle. You can only shoot well with a gun that matches your strength and size, so it is with a crossbow. If the crossbow stock is longer than your build or it is too heavy for you, there is no way you can make an accurate shot.

Therefore, try out as many crossbows as possible before making that final choice. That crossbow must fit you like a glove and have the right features for what you are going to use the crossbow for, be it hunting or target shooting and choosing the right brand is also important and the Excalibur hunting bows are very popular on hunting trips but would not be as effective if you take them to the range.

Here are some things to look out for when buying a crossbow:

  • It must be comfortable to hold so that it is like an extension of you when shooting.

  • The trigger must be smooth. A trigger that is hard to pull as you near the end of the trigger cycle shall tamper with your accuracy.

I hope that these tips shall help you to better your crossbow shooting and make it a whole lot more interesting.