Before you can gain access to most shooting ranges in Northwood, you need to become a member of the center. Here is how one can gain access to Northwood Shooting and Sports and Education Centre.

Before becoming a member at this shooting range, you must apply for membership. Anyone can become a member here as long as you fulfill the licensing requirements stipulated by the state of Minnesota and the government of the United States of America.

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If you have lost or forfeited your firearms rights through legal proceeding, your membership application shall not be accepted. Such an individual could have faced the law for domestic violence, felony or any other related charge.

If you wish to become a member of this centre, you need to show your hunting license(s) or the proof of it. You may also be asked to avail evidence of a hunter education certificate if required.

When an individual meets the above requirements, he or she can submit their membership application and wait for its approval. The approval gets done during a regular meeting. On receiving approval, the person is accepted into Northwood Shooting and Sports and Education Centre as a member of sound repute. The person shall then receive a member card that stipulates the appropriate provisions of membership.

Yearly membership fees are $35 for a single membership; annual family membership fees are $50.

People must note that the membership year at this shooting center begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December regardless of when one joins. Anyone that brings in their application after 1st October shall have their membership application considered for the next year.

It is great if you add an email address when filling in your membership application form. However, if one indicates that he or she does not have one, they shall receive renewal notices by mail. Therefore, if you indicated that you have an email address, do not check your post office box for updates.

Members can renew their membership for as long as they want to use the facility and the services it offers. If you desire to renew your membership for more than one year, submit a membership fee for the number of years you want.

It is the club’s policy to allow club members to come along with non-member guests to the facility. That gets done with the anticipation of turning these visitors into fully fledged members. However, the club advises members against giving non-members the range access combination to use the facility services when they are absent. Such actions shall lead to suspension or total expulsion from the club.

Shooting is a great activity to practice or perfect. Besides that you get educated about various guns or rifles and their uses. Therefore, I hope that with these rather friendly rules and regulations, you shall consider joining the Northwood Shooting and Sports and Education Centre to start or improve your shooting abilities.