Most states within the US have several public shooting ranges. These are accessible free of charge. For example, as of 2008 Florida had 144 open access shooting ranges amidst a population of over 18 million people. However, thats different for states such as California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington, DC and Hawaii where there are gun control laws. Such states have a ratio of ranges to the people of 1:100,000 or none as for the case of Washington, DC.


However, it is different for states where the majority side of the debate on guns leans more to gun rights and it is not a must for one to have a license before he or she owns a gun. In these parts of America, the ratio of 1:100,000 could lower to 1: 9,000

For international tourists that are interested in free public shooting ranges within America, they could go to states such as New Hampshire, Utah, Nevada, Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee. All these states have got public access ranges where you only have to pay a small fee to use the facility. Charges for hiring guns varies, however, the 9 mm Luger is usually available for about 25 dollars per 50 at sporting goods stores. However,the fee increases slightly to $28-$35 at public free access shooting centres.

Restricted entry or private shooting ranges are used and owned by private companies, police departments, and the military and private membership shooting clubs. They use them for qualification and continued firearms training and practice. These ranges have got more sophisticated features than what is in public access ranges. For example, they have automatic, and large caliber rifle shooting arenas.

There are many shooting range types and they cater for different needs and different firearm classes. Some are outdoors while others are indoors.

Fees for using public indoor ranges vary with local costs. However, the lowest cost is $10 per hour with targets at a fair charge. Additional fees may arise from any damages that the shooter may cause while in the range. For instance, damaging motors may be $200.

Standard safety regulations

Gun-Range-2-3Most public ranges ask its users to unload their firearms before entering or leaving the shooting range. That is irrespective of whether one has got a concealed carry license or not. The same applies for rental firearms that are being rented from or returned to the rental stall.

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, shooters are expected to put on safety goggles or glasses. However, some shooting ranges may accept one to wear impact-resistant corrective glasses as his or her only eye protection. Ear protection is also a must-have. Therefore, items such as ear plugs or ear muffs must be worn as long one is on the range grounds and when the range is hot. If someone is in an indoor range, he or she must don ear protection before they get into the airlock doors. The individual must keep these on as long as they are within the extremely noisy place.

All these things must be done if one is to gain access to a shooting range.