Whether your target is close to you, far off, stationary or moving, you need to be accurate when shooting. Here are some tips on applying tactical rifle shooting for accuracy:

What is your point of impact?

Using a .223, you must know what your rifleā€™s point of impact is from 5 yards to 500 yards. If your gun of choice is a .308 or something similar, you should learn where your rifle hits out at a distance of 1000 yards. That is very crucial for all shots; long or short.

If you are using a high mounted optics AR type rifle, you must know that if your point of impact is at close range, it shall not follow the line of sight. Many competitive shooters try out head shots at a distance of 10 yards and are shocked to discover that they hit the target below.

There is only one sure way to know your rifle impacts; you should shoot your gun at different distances. You could do this at 3, 7, 10 yards, push it to 10 yards increment until you are at 100 yards. You can then start increasing by 50 yards. The bullet holes in your target shall give you undeniable evidence of where your shot shall go at any distance of your choice.

Acclimatize yourself with the wind

While shooting a rifle is a science, shooting in the wind is an art. There are no semantics or programs that can help you with this art. Teach yourself how to read the wind and then nurture an instinctive ability to make the fast shot. How can you do that? Here is how; often shoot at long range targets when the wind is blowing. You need to employ a good spotter to call out successful shots. Take notes. Do not move from one shooting range or location to the next in the name perfecting this art; just change distances, terrains and weather conditions.

Do the extraordinary

You ought to learn how to shoot at queer angles: at weird positions, around barriers, under cars. Go for anything that you believe requires you to shoot from peculiar positions. For instance, try shooting while lying facedown and the rifle is sideways, shoot beneath barricades such as vehicles. Practice this shooting over and over again. Learn where the bullet hits with each shot and position. That is because, with a change in position of the rifle and the shooter comes with a change in where the bullet hits.

Practice the things you do not like

As humans, we enjoy practicing what we love. The same applies to shooting. However, choose to practice those things that you are having trouble with doing. What is that shooting skill that is giving you a headache? Go over it again and again. Once you master one thing, go to the next. In so doing, you shall have a well-rounded set of shooting skills.

Take these nuggets of advice and better your shooting skill with ease.