Every shooting range has got rules and regulations that the users need to follow. That is the same in Northwood. Today we are putting our focus on Northwood Shooting and Sports and Education Centre as we take the time to see what code of conduct governs the centre.


  1. Do not mix drugs or alcohol with shooting

  2. Acclimatise yourself with how your rifle works

  3. Ensure that your firearm and the ammunition you have are compatible

  4. Make sure that your gun is safe for use

  5. Always wear ear and eye protection as need arises

  6. Your finger should always be off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

  7. Ensure that your gun’s muzzle is pointing in a safe direction always

  8. Make sure that your firearm is not loaded until you are ready to shoot or use it.

  9. Know what your target is, plus what is beyond

Northwood Shooting ClubPeople must follow these rules and regulations so that there is maximum safety for everyone using or is in the facility during operation. Besides the above rules, there are some safety regulations that occasional shooters, as well as active club members and the general public, must follow.

  • Every individual using the facility for recreational shooting purposes must adhere to safe use and handling of ammunitions and firearms.

  • All club members are fully responsible for their conduct. Members need to behave appropriately in a lawful, accountable and safe manner. Therefore, they should adhere to all the policies in the Code of Conduct and any revisions or additions made.

  • Firing should only be done in prepared ranges alongside their adequate impact back-stops. Only the target holders assigned for a particular range shall get used. When putting targets on target holders, ensure that targets are at a height that assures bullet impact in the backstop area, no matter the shooter’s position.

  • It is not allowed to indulge in metal outline target shooting

  • It is not permitted to shoot at aerial targets

  • It is not allowed to fire at targets mounted in such a way that the bullets hit the ground and then ricochet. It is also not authorised to shoot at objects that are on the ground.

  • If you want to bring a minor to the range, make sure that they are under very responsible control and utmost adult supervision is a must.

  • Rifles should only have one round of ammunition at a time of target or sighting-in shooting

  • Persons are required to clean up any trash, shell casings, debris, and targets after their shooting exercises. SHOOTERS SHOULD CLEAN UP AFTER USING THE FACILITY

  • Public shooting hours are published. Shooting before 8 am is not allowed. Shooting after sunset or when lighting is not perfect is not permitted. Night time shooting is only allowed for law enforcement and at that time, the range does not allow any public access.

Ensure that you follow those rules and regulations so that you can enjoy your time at the shooting centre.