What is the survival knife bringing to your hunting trip?

What is the survival knife bringing to your hunting trip?

multipurpose survival knifeA survival knife is a tool of survival. It has several functions and these include:

  • Hammering

  • Hunting weapon

  • Shelter building

  • Signaling

  • Slicing or cutting

  • Digging

  • First aid tool

  • Makeshift screwdriver

  • Fire making

  • Prying tool

  • Food prep

  • Splitting

Despite what the movies tend to make us believe, less is better for any survival knife. So let go of that film knife and get an ordinarily designed survival knife. This knife is all about function and less of style. Therefore, when picking a tactical wilderness knife (see reviews here), your priority should be performance. Here is what your survival knife should have:


Size is crucial. You need to know that for this knife type, bigger is not necessarily better. A big blade could mean that you are sacrificing effectiveness for tasks like carving precision snare sets. However, if the blade is small, your knife may not function well when working on very rugged jobs like chopping or batoning. That means that the knife can not help in cutting through large trees or splitting wood. Therefore, having several survival knives is a superb idea.

Fixed blade

Having a fixed blade is critical because it makes your knife reliable and durable. That is not to say that a folding knife is not good enough; it is great for day-to-day carrying. However, a fixed blade works better as far as dealing with demands presented by a survival situation is concerned. A knife that has any form of joint is a weak knife. Reduce the risk of losing or damaging your primary survival tool by going for a knife that can pound, thrust, chop, and pry with ease.

Full tang

Apart from your knife having a fixed blade, the blade must be of a continuous metal. A full tang survival knife is very robust when compared to a partial tang knife. Partial tang knives include rat-tail tang, half tang, and push tang. While the knife has got scales or grips to it that are for comfort, the blade make up is what makes it reliable or not.

If you choose to use a partial tang knife, you are likely to experience ‘play’ and loosening more so when used for activities such as chopping, prying, and batoning. Once the handle goes off, such a knife becomes dangerous and difficult to use. However, when it is a full tang knife, you can wrap it with cord once the original cover falls off, and you can use it with not danger or difficulty.

A pointed and sharp tip

While this may sound obvious, there are many ‘survival’ knives that have hooked, angled, or rounded tips. No matter what is said, there are many convincing reasons for your survival knife to have a pointed and yet sharp tip. One of them is for self-defense; against beast or man. If your knife is hooked or angled, its ability to stab or thrust effectively is compromised.

Make sure that your knife has these qualities before you go for any hunting trip.